Sports Performance

PSP takes a revolutionary research-based approach to training its athletes by designing individualized strength, conditioning, speed, and injury prevention programs for each athlete based on the results of PSP’s comprehensive evaluation process.

Precision Sports Performance’s multifaceted training staff each brings a unique set of skills when designing and implementing training programs.  No two athletes are the same and their training should reflect their differences in order to maximize their physical development.

Sports at all levels are becoming more competitive than ever and advancements in the field of strength and conditioning have been shown to be a major factor in this growth. Athletes not only need the proper training stimulus in order to make significant athletic development during the critical adolescent years but also proper injury prevention methodology. A knowledgeable coach can help to prevent potential injuries to an athlete by correcting imbalances, improving muscle activation, and increasing mobility all of which can keep the athlete competing and training at a high level throughout the year as well as their career.



The base philosophy of Precision Sports Performance is for its Coaches to build on the general athletic level of each athlete before implementing sport and/or position specific exercises. This ensures that the athlete has been properly developed biomechanically, physiologically and can initiate the proper neural response. Each athlete’s training program is based upon the results of our evaluation so a proper training program can be prescribed and implemented based on the athlete’s personal needs and standards.


Our Prep program is specifically created to accommodate youth athletes between the ages of 8-12. This program is designed to mold our youngest athletes to become the next wave of elite athletes. It is during this stage that we will begin to teach the athletes body awareness and body control, while promoting strength gains in an educational format. The Prep program lays the foundation for future success in our JV and Varsity training sessions. Each Prep Session will last 60 Minutes


Our JV SGT consists of athletes between the ages of 11-14. During this stage of training body control and awareness are still addressed but strength gain progression now becomes a priority (if appropriate and applicable per athlete). Each athlete will have their individualized programs written up by their Coach based on their evaluation and needs analysis. Research shows a greater hormonal response when training programs/exercises remain consistent for at least 4 weeks. Because of this reason programs will be changed every 3-6 weeks based on recommendations of PSP coaching staff, and progression of the athlete. Each JV session will last 75 minutes.

Varsity & Collegiate

Our Varsity and Collegiate SGT classes are broken up into two groups: athletes 13-18 years of age and our collegiate players. This level of training is the most extensive of all of our SGT programs. Once an athlete reaches the Varsity level they should have the ability to begin mastering movements. At this age is when an athlete will begin to see the most significant gains in strength and speed. College preparation and a higher competition level will be addressed in programming and coaching. Training programs will be created prior to the training session and will be changed every 3-6 weeks based on the discretion of the head coach. Each Varsity session will last 90 minutes.


Small Group Training

At PSP the foundation of our program is built around the Small Group Training (SGT) concept. This involves each athlete having a personalized training program based on the results of their evaluation. This team like setting gives coaches the ability to promote camaraderie while keeping the individualized programming at the heart of each session. PSP applies a 3 stage training program. This 3 phase approach is the core of our programming but can change to meet the athletes’ needs based on the coach’s’ discretion.


Though the foundation of the PSP program is built around SGT, we offer private training for any athletes/individuals that want the 1on1 attention. The 1on1 session will follow the same 3 stage approach as the SGT. The athlete will have a personalized training program based on the results of their evaluation.


Elite Team Training

In addition to our individual and small group services PSP also offers Team/Group Training Options. Like all of our athletes before any team training begins, the team will go through a thorough evaluation by the PSP staff. The results of the evaluation will help the staff design the team’s training program.