PSP Fitness Training


Adult Small Group Training (SGT)

Our Adult SGT classes consist of athletes (adults) over the age of 18. These SGT classes are meant for adults who are looking for guidance in their training, and need a coach to give them that push. These clients can range from marathon runners to avid 5K runners or casual tennis players to your average adults who just want to lose weight. Like our youth athletes, these adults will go through an evaluation with our coaches and their programs will be based on their individual needs. Adult SGT classes differ from boot camp classes in that they train in a class setting, but the core of their program is still individually based. Programs will be changed every 3-6 weeks based on recommendations of the PSP coaching staff and progression of athlete.

  1. Phase 1- Dynamic Warmup
  2. Phase 2- Individualized Program
  3. Phase 3- Core/Conditioning/Challenge

Adult 1-on-1

The foundation of the PSP program is built around SGT, but we do offer a 1on1 option for any athletes/individuals that want the 1-on-1 attention. The 1on1 session will follow the same 3 stage approach as the SGT. The adults’ program will be completely personalized based on the results of their evaluation.