Mission & Facility


At Precision Sports Performance our goal is to maximize the potential of each athlete with whom we work. Regardless of age, sport, or skill level we strive to get the most out of every athlete through personalized training programs and high level coaching. Every one of our athletes’ programs are individualized to meet their specific needs and goals

Training Philosophy

At Precision Sports Performance (PSP) we understand the importance of treating each athlete as an individual in terms of their sport AND position. PSP athletes are first given an extensive athletic evaluation in order to assess their biomechanical function, physiological strengths, and weaknesses. Our athletes are given the appropriate tools for developing and excelling both mentally and physically on and off the field. Through a multi-faceted training approach, our staff at Precision Sports Performance will help you achieve your ultimate potential.


Precision’s strength and conditioning specialists are all highly trained in the subject of exercise physiology and strength and conditioning. Our training staff is comprised of individuals with degrees in exercise science and vast professional work experience with younger, high school, college, semi-pro and professional athletes. By addressing all the key components that define an elite athlete, our specialists will help you become faster, stronger and more athletic by focusing on strength development, speed, agility, acceleration, and of course core development. Physical preparation is just one part of training and that is why we tackle the mental prep aspect of training as well. We also educate our athletes on pre-hab and injury prevention exercises that are appropriate for the individual athlete.